Part A: A Manager with Whom I Am Familiar
Think of a manager with whom you are familiar. Look at the skills and competencies of this manager. Do not be constrained by the working title of manager in a business.
1. Identify and give examples of two of the manager’s competencies and how they correspond with Minztberg’s managerial roles.
2. Describe how the manager’s tasks fall into planning, organizing, leading, and controlling activities.
3. Consider whether the manager acts efficiently and/or effectively in terms of adding value. Provide two examples (other than delegating and/or empowering employees) to support your decision.
4. Comment on two ways that the manager could be a more efficient and/or effective manager.
5. Analyze whether the manager effectively delegates and/or empowers his or her employees.
Part B: Ethical and Social Responsibility
Ethics and Social responsibility have been becoming a more and more important topic in the business world in recent years.
1. Contrast the classical and socio-economic views of corporate social responsibility.
2. Discuss the role that stakeholders play in the four approaches to corporate social responsibility.
3. What does corporate social responsibility mean to you personally?
Do you think business organizations should be socially responsible?

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1. Identify and give examples of two of the manager’s competencies and how they correspond with Minztberg’s managerial roles. (10 marks)
Skills are the capabilities that an individual has learned and mastered sufficiently in order to be able to perform a task successfully. These skills can be learned either through receiving structured explanations, training or education, which is the formal learning....

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