Environment, Culture and Norms
1. After reviewing Pershing Chapters 5 and 6 discuss dynamics of measuring success as a Performance Consultant. Discuss the needs and causes along withmeasuring results.
2. Identify the top 5 factors to measure success for the client.
3. What yardstick or tools are being implemented to measure current success of a client or your current business and that of future success?
You will respond in essay form following APA format. You will include citations crediting your research and you should provide at least one outside resource aside from your current course reading. Your paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length and should include real-life scenarios.

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Needs, causes, measuring results; yardsticks and tools for current and future success
As has been discussed in preceding reports, the challenges Solar Dynamic faces, and thus the results which need to be obtained by a successful overhaul, readily present themselves in terms amenable to measurement. Recall the goal I stated in my first report to you, our stakeholders: the attainment of viability and profitability that is less dependent on political vagaries than is the case for our competitors in the solar energy sector, as embodied in and quantified by less volatile, more robust revenues, profits, and share price....

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