Performance Appraisal Process

1. In The Performance Consultant’s Field Book (p. 202) the author relates the scenario of an HR director who developed a new performance appraisal process. Read the scenario.
2. Provide an analysis of what criteria is missing from the Director’s proposal? What other measures would you include in order to make this proposal worth the investment? Use the Figure 9.2, p.209 for additional measures to consider.

This summary should be a minimum of three pages and should follow proper APA essay format.
The HR Director’s New Performance Appraisal Process
A critically salient point in the scenario presented is that, with the municipality’s employees unionized, the union’s collective bargaining agreement had decoupled compensation from performance. So, implicit in the scenario is the assumption that employee performance could not be incentivized via compensation, with the further, resulting, assumption that—without anything to be gained from increasing performance—there would be no point in appraising performance with the aim of thereby improving performance....

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