Submit the Final Consultant Proposal.
Your completed proposal will be a minimum of 10 pages.
Your work should include the following:

Introduction to the company describing the target audience, the client issue or problem, the objective and the desired outcome for consideration.
The company’s purpose statement and mission statement.
There should be significant information pertaining to the following topics: Strategy, Marketing, Personnel, Products and Services, Demographic served Action Plan, and the Evaluation Process.
There should be an intervention summary.
And there should be an executive summary.

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Our company, Solar Dynamic, is at a crossroads. With the solar energy market more volatile than at any time in our history, we face significant challenges. Our primary and most immediate challenge is that our company—like much of the solar energy sector—is at the whim of factors outside our control. In the last eight to twelve months, we have seen our stock price climb to unseen heights, tumble precipitously, and then climb back up – all while little changed with our business model and while we recorded consistent monthly, quarterly, and annual growth. The latest news saw some of the sector’s biggest players fleeing states like Nevada after net metering policies were changed to the benefit of traditional power companies and to the detriment of solar. Solar Dynamic was not affected because we had not yet entered those markets affected, which can be justifiably viewed as both a positive and a negative...

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