Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you research two-three companies and do the following:
*Evaluate the internal and external environments of each company using an environmental scan.
*Analyze the competitive advantage of each company
*Evaluate the strategies each company uses to create value and gain competitive advantage.
*Examine the measurement guidelines each company uses to verify its strategic effectiveness.
*Evaluate the effectiveness of the measurement guidelines that each company uses.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Internal and External analysis
McDonalds is a leader in the fast food industry with restaurants and cafés worldwide in over 120 countries. Its main competitors are Burger King, Domino’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s and others. The internal strengths of McDonalds is that they are receiving diversified revenue streams from countries and regions from company owned restaurants and franchisees, while Burger King relies on franchisees from their income. McDonald’s income is geographically much more diversified than it’s competitor’s, while Burger King relies more on sales from the U.S. McDonald’s has a strong global presence and is a market leader both in domestic and foreign markets, with high brand loyalty, recognition and recall. McDonald’s has high brand equity and is the leaders in sales. Economies of scale e are another important strength as it allows for cost reduction and increase in performance. Differentiation of their offer to suit the target market/country is a strength, as it tailors the offering to customer preferences, while food is prepared efficiently in a systematic way....

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