Purpose of this Assignment
This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts of the Porter Five Forces model to a specific business, explain and support an identified strategy for competitive advantage for UMUC Haircuts, and analyze the identified business process that could be improved with the use of technology. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:
• analyze business strategy to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes
• analyze internal and external business processes to identify information systems requirements

Assignment:UMUC Haircuts Stage 1: Create a document that includes:
I. Introduction
Brief introduction providing the background of the case, why you are writing and what is to come in your paper. This should only be 3-5 sentences.
II. Five Forces Analysis
Perform a Porter's Five Forces analysis for UMUC Haircuts, addressing each of the five forces in two or three sentences. For each of the five forces, your analysis should include:
• Explanation of the force and what it means to UMUC Haircuts
• Assessment of the force’s impact (Positive, Negative or Neutral) on the business
• A statement as to whether it should affect Myra’s strategy for a competitive advantage (yes or no).
III. Justification of Selected Strategy for Competitive Advantage
• Explain how Myra’s selected strategy for competitive advantage – Cost Leadership Strategy -- is justified and supported by the Five Forces Analysis.
• Relate the strategy back to each of Porter’s five forces discussing the impact of the strategy based on your assessment of the force (positive, negative, or neutral).
IV. Business Process
• Explain how the process Myra has identified to be improved – Customer and Employee Scheduling -- is related to and supports the strategy for competitive advantage Myra selected.
• Explain generally how a technology solution could help improve the process. (Do not provide any specific solution.)
Write a short concise paper: 2-3 double spaced pages of content; table entries for the Five Forces analysis should be single spaced.

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Myra Morningstar, established UMUC Haircuts barbershop in 1995 over the years, her barbershop grew exponentially leading to a decision of expansion. Myra desires to add two manicure stations and expand her space by acquiring a small gift shop that is next to her salon. Her business is performing well with continuous growth and rise in profits, while some of the weaknesses identified are customer and employee scheduling and the lack of technology to support the smooth business operations.
UMUC Haircuts has hired a Systems Analyst expert to help her improve her business by bringing strategy and IT solution that will advance the business and help to be fully competitive in it’s market.
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