The Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory is a tool to assess the organizational readiness before planning and implementing an evaluation.
Please review Effective Training A Case Study From the Oil & Gas Industry by Elaine T. Cullen.
It is an examination of the steps for undertaking a training implementation and the affect of culture.

Please read the case and answer the following questions:
Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case
Was the organization ready for the training?
Should management should have done more planning?
Was the training effective?
Why or why not?
What could have been done using the Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory?
Should the organization evaluate the training program?
How could this be done?

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Summary of the who, what, and why of the case:

This research case for funded by NIOSH for developing training videos and training materials for the high risk workers in the oil and gas industry that are both culturally relevant for the workers at site and also acceptable by them. Analysing the question of why this research study was undertaken directs us to the fact that before preparation of the training materials for the high risk workers, it would be always advisable to have a deep understanding of the occupational culture that are prevalent at field in the oil and gas mines. The question as to what was researched on in this case directs us to the answer that the work practices at the field sites, the environmental issues, workplace restrictions, language of the workers and their beliefs particularly beliefs with regard to safety, the different stories about the villains and heroes in the field, etc (Cullen, 2011).
Main findings:

The main findings of this research suggest that following facts training materials or videos must be credible, interesting to the workers and compelling to grab their attention. For this purpose, it must be well developed with adult learning theories (as workers are all adults)....

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