Research Paper: Competitive Intelligence Best Practices
Research the various methods different companies use to gather competitive intelligence and then analyze the most effective methods by which companies should gather competitive intelligence.
In your paper include:
• Examples and also identify where the resources can be found to support your work.
• A rationale for the references that you have selected to support your views.
In your paper include a title sheet and 2-3 references. Only one reference may be found on the internet.

Discussion Question
Must be at least 200 words
Analyze a Corporation by Using the Internet
The "subject/theme" for this discussion is to determine if a corporation can be analyzed by using the internet.
Search through the internet to find resources for corporate 10-K reports, proxy statements and other news related to the corporation (of your choice), you will find that there are free websites that will provide these resources to you.
Select one corporation for the example you will be sharing in the discussion and find an example of the following: web sites for 10-K reports, an example of the selected corporation 10-K report, proxy statement.
Once you have all of this gathered and reviewed, please answer the following in the discussion question: What are the company's strengths and weaknesses? Please be specific. Use at least 3 examples from the materials you have collected and cite their location. What type of strategy do you think they are following?

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Competitive intelligence has become a catch-all phrase in recent years and is used slightly differently by many companies. Technically, competitive intelligence includes all of the information, intelligence, data, analyses, and facts available in all major areas of the company's operations, which senior management then uses in a meaningful way to gain a competitive advantage (Bon, n.d.). Competitive intelligence is used to strategically plan against competitors and is used to determine how to ultimately increase market share. All major companies collect competitive intelligence in an attempt to determine how to remain above (or beat) their competitors (Fleisher, 2001). This allows them to make better decisions and to be better prepared for future scenarios that are conditioned by the current trends within the industry.
It is important to know that there are methods of gathering competitive intelligence that are ethical and there are those that are considered unethical (Gilad, 2004). There are principles of confidentiality, protection of privacy and other legal instruments that prevent the retrieval of critical information that is not supposed to be available to the public (Groom, 2001). The methods in which to gather intelligence presented in this paper are all based on the principle of ethical access to information. Therefore, the unethical and illegal forms of collecting competitive intelligence will not be discussed here. It is the belief of the author that through the legitimate and legal resources available for collecting competitive intelligence, an organization is able to understand its place within the industry with great precision. It is also able to understand the direction of the current development of the markets, the changing interests of the customers, and the potential of threat that represent innovation in any other company within the same industry.
Method 1: Conducting A Win-Loss Analysis
The Win-Loss analysis implies gathering information from new customers that the company has lost to competitors...

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