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Understanding Organizational Change
Change can often lead to a decreased morale and productivity level within the workplace. There are many tools that can be utilized to create a seamless transition within the workplace when change is inevitable. Using scholarly research, explain why change often leads to decreased morale and productivity and what can be done to avoid this in the workplace.
Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages following proper APA format.

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Employee commitment is a critical dimension along which the effects of organizational change may be observed and felt. It stands to reason, for example, that a round of layoffs has the potential to dramatically affect the extent to which the employees left standing have a strong sense of commitment to an organization whose reciprocal commitment is patently questionable. However, “commitment” is not monolithic, can refer to a number of related dispositions, and has been studied accordingly. One way in which commitment has multiple dimensions is in the level or type of commitment an employee feels towards the organization. Bennett and Durkin (2000) studied the effects of organizational change...

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