In 2500-3000 words, write a HPT paper proposing a performance dashboard.

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In a previous proposal for an organizational development (OD) intervention, the performance problems of a struggling, onetime industry-leading, a major public research university’s online education unit (OEU) were considered and addressed. Due to the number and weight of the variables involved, much of that report was devoted to diagnosing the OEU’s myriad performance issues. The report suggested intervention prescriptions largely geared toward ensuring that university leadership had sufficient information in order to execute a turnaround of the OEU’s performance and fortunes.
Due to the idiosyncratic institutional factors thought to be responsible for the OEU’s decline—rather than purely external market factors—both the problem and its solutions had significant performance ramifications for much of the broader university. Necessarily, this made arresting the OEU’s decline critically important to the university – not just for implications for the university’s bottom line, but also because it entailed that any lessons learned and solutions developed might have value that extends far beyond the OEU’s relatively limited administrative confines.
In this proposal, a more specific case is made in support for the development and deployment of a performance dashboard. This is a natural follow-up to the previous report because it delves deeper into the specifics of the proposed OD intervention along its main dimension: the gathering and representation of information—here, in terms of data metrics—vital to turning around and sustaining the performance of the OEU. This proposal proceeds by first arguing for the need for a performance dashboard, first in general terms and then specifically for the OEU; part of this section will examine the place of performance dashboards in the university organizational setting. Then, the factors which must govern the development of the performance dashboard will be considered, based on a survey of several companies and institutions where such dashboards have been implemented. Finally, a specific performance dashboard design is proposed and argued for, along with its expected implications for the OEU’s performance as well as how the dashboard may evolve into an invaluable platform for...

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