Conduct market analysis in response to the following:

Product Name: Whole Foods Market

Country: Germany

1. Summarize why this country.
2. Analyze the environment (the country) and Cultural considerations
3. emerging threats and potential opportunities (SWOT methodology)
4. Capabilities (what do they do different?)
5. Market size: in grocery or in organic food
6. Whether want to buy a company in Germany,start off as new business or partner with local stores
7. Identify the top 5 marketing changes that company will be required to make to the current product and explain each in detail and supported by data.

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With a sound and transparent regulatory environment, welcoming attitude to foreign direct investment, openly competitive markets, non-existent corruption, excellent infrastructure, and a well-educated, productive workforce, Germany possesses the kinds of structural strengths conducive to Whole Foods’ expansion plans. However, there are impediments, such as high taxes, bureaucratic complexities which make initiating businesses difficult, and less-than-ideal labor market efficiency (Euromonitor, 2016). Ultimately, however, the factors of interest to Whole Foods concern the potential of Germany’s market for the company’s particular, high-end grocery/food segment...

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