Conduct a detailed, 6-7 page, case study on Nordstrom's strategy of focusing on customer satisfaction; follow the structure presented below:

Case Overview or summary
Problem/ opportunity statement
Answers to questions
Alternative solutions
SWOT analysis
General comment

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For a storied company that has successfully been in business for more than a century, the thought of a paragraph-long ‘overview’ admittedly borders on the absurd. However, there are a few salient elements of the company’s history and present context worth highlighting. The first is that it is Nordstrom’s single-minded dedication to customer service that has driven its success, hand-in-hand with the essential entrepreneurship of its employees. This is engendered by a management and organizational culture focused on facilitation—rather than constraint—of its employees and the customer satisfaction those employees produce. Arguably, Nordstrom’s product is customer satisfaction itself, not the shoes and clothes it sells. Recently, the Digital Age and its revolution of retail have presented Nordstrom with challenges, particularly in terms of how to translate dedication to customer service to an online setting. By and large, the company...

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