“Designing a Lean Business" (paper 10 pages)

Explain your design – why is this design needed – what does it do that creates real value and for whom? Tell me about the resources needed to get this design project from concept to customer. Tell me how you would go about designing it – the process. Follow the logic of the lean canvas approach. Again, do not emphasize a solution or a technology as a way to ‘fix something’. Technology is useful when you have a great opportunity in mind – it is a tool and should not be the driving force in your thought process. ”
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The challenging economic times have impacted various businesses and their operations. Industries such as the hospitality sector that were enjoying relative calm and revenue growth have also faced difficulties. One of the major impact of the economy on businesses is the need to restructure operations and change management style to suit the needs of the business and its clients. Both big and small hotels have been looking for different ways to keep the costs of operations low and become more efficient. The lean approach has been touted as one of the most effective approach in the current business scene. It has mainly been adopted by manufacturing and retailing enterprises but the service industry can also benefit from using lean principles. The lean business focuses on cutting overheads and operation costs while ensuring that the clients receive the best and effective services.

The lean approach
There are various aspects of a business that the lean enterprises focuses on. The ability to specify and define a firm’s value to its clients is one of the major principles of a lean company. The lean enterprise understands that competition may be intense and an excellent business should stand out from its rivals. Being able to specify the value of the business and its products in one of the key tenets of the lean approach. Consumers should be able to attach value to the products being sold. Toyota, for example, is a company known to be a pioneer in using lean strategies to streamline their business approaches. While the firm is known for the mass production of cheap cars, it produces quality automobiles that have to go through a thorough quality test before being released to the market. Being able to specify value to the customer ensures that clients can expect excellent products from a business....

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