Pick any company (international or domestic) that is new (founded no earlier than 2010 to present day, it can be scheduled to launch in 2016)

Create a paper and a 5 minute Power Point presentation

You paper/presentation should include:
1) a brief explanation of company/product
2) positives
3) negatives
4) what the outlook will be, success or failure?

Your paper should be between 8 pages in length (plus your reference page)

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Sustenance of business operations is a key business challenge. Any business idea is of value only if it can be commercialized in a successful manner. The ease of doing business is more difficult in developing economies since the infrastructure needed and the regulations are not as strong as those in developed nations. Several businesses fail during first 5 years of operations due to lack of experience in commercialization. This report is focused on the analysis of an Indian company SnapDeal. The company is one of the major players in the Indian online retail industry. Even though it has been recently founded in 2010, it has achieved significant success.

Company overview
The foundation of the company dates back to February 2010 when founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal had together commercialized the idea in the Indian economy. Since the foundation, the company is focused on attainment of the vision of
“Creating the most important digital commerce ecosystem in Indian economy that would lead to generation of life-changing experience for sellers and buyers”. (, 2016)
Under the strong visionary leadership of its management, the company has grown significantly since its foundation through the route of mergers and acquisitions. Compared to Greenfield investments, the owners placed their bet on the inorganic growth route so that they could attain success faster and catapult their position as a market leader in the Indian economy which is highly untapped and has strong growth potential. It is also the largest mCommerce company in the Indian market which was possible through the acquisition of Freecharge. In terms of form of ownership, it is a privately held company with investments from top investors, but has strong potential to raise funds through public listing....

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