Write a paper in 1500 words about emergency management with 4 to 5 sources.

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Every organization faces several risks. One of the most unpredictable risks is the risk of natural disasters and unexpected factors. Emergency management refers to the function that is charged with the development of the framework that would help the organizations and communities to cope up with disasters and also reduce their vulnerability to various hazards posed by the operating environment. This paper presents an analysis of the process of emergency management.

Mission and vision of emergency management
The vision of all emergency management plans is to promote the development of safe communities and organizations so that they are well equipped with the ability to deal with disasters and hazards. The mission of emergency management plans is to ensure the protection of communities through the coordination and integration of activities which are needed for building, sustaining, and improving the capacity of organizations to stay prepared, responsive to threats, natural disasters, man-made disasters and terrorist acts (Nicholson, 2012).

Principles of emergency management
There are eight basic principles which should be followed when developing any emergency management plan. These are (Waugh & Hy, 1990):
• Comprehensive – The emergency management plans should account for all the phases, hazards and also consider their impact to all stakeholders who can be affected by the disaster.
• Progressive – All emergency management activities should try to project the future disasters and ensure that preventive steps are taken for the building of disaster-resistant organizations and communities. They need to be consistently updated so that they are aware of the changes taking place in the operating environment and stay responsive to those changes....

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