Write a paper about Brexit using the questions below:
What was the Euro's behavior in the five business days after the announcement of "Brexit”?
What was the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's behavior in the five business days after the announcement of "Brexit”?
What was the response of German political and business leaders to the announcement of "Brexit”?
What was the response of the German public to the announcement of "Brexit”?
How might the German business community take advantage of any opportunities presented by "Brexit”?
Please format your paper as follows:
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 12 pt.

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One of the most important economic announcements in 2016 has been the Brexit. Brexit refers to the exit of UK from the European Union. On June 23, 2016, there was a referendum in which the British voters had voted in favor of exit from European Union. Due to this, there was turmoil across global financial markets and the pound sterling had fallen significantly in the global currency market. This report seeks to analyze the impact of Brexit on Euro and German economy.
Impact on Euro
Pound sterling has been heavily impacted following Brexit since that is the trading currency of UK. The Euro has been able to maintain a strong position with respect to the Pound sterling and the impact was not as severe as Pound. Following the Brexit, the Euro Pound exchange rate showed strengthening of Euro while the Euro USD rate declined on account of other factors also such as decline in German industrial production...

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