International Expansion

The CEO of your firm has approached you with the new strategic plan. One key strategic thrust is to take your product (tangible specialty product/mid-tech) and introduce it into an emerging market (India). One KSF is to maintain current margins while not compromising quality. A U.S. "process" (not product) patents exist on the entire product line. The primary competitor is located in Asia.

In today's complex global business environment, what will be required to make this transition successful? Which strategy would you pursue? What are the risks? Use the readings to solidify your position!

This is the "Crafting & Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage" book.

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The product is the mid-tech specialty product to be introduced in India and one of the main criteria for the company is to maintain its margins while not compromising on the product’s quality. The product seems to have one major competitor from Asian countries and this will give them a major advantage...

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