1. Write a sentence definition of the technology. Further clarify the “boundaries” of your definition as needed - in other words, what will your analysis consider inside of scope and outside of scope.

2. Describe the technology
a. What is the purpose of the technology?
b. Is there a dominant design? If so, provide a description of it (a diagram is useful); if there is no dominant design, chose one popular design and describe it.
c. Discuss the technology’s position in the value chain. How does the technology depend on other technologies, and what other technologies depend on it?
d. How is the technology produced?

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Biodiesel: Applications and Potential Pitfalls
Biodiesel technology involves the use of lipids and esters from vegetable oils and other organic materials not directly related to generic fossil fuels (Januan and Ellis, p. 1312). Biodiesel has been forwarded as an alternative fuel for automobiles, airplanes, and other engines that will not produce as high a quantity of greenhouse gases as petroleum-based diesel. Several different biodiesels are currently available to the American consumer. The most common are the B2 and B5, or diesel fuels containing 2% and 5% biodiesel, respectively. However, mixtures up to B20 (20% biodiesel) are gaining accessibility. The rest of these mixtures consist of petroleum-based diesel. The scope of this analysis will consist of the viability of biodiesel fuels for mass consumer use within the United States, and the potential obstacles facing biodiesel fuel mixtures greater than B20 in terms of energy consumption and their internal energy when compared to standard diesel. Other factors within the scope of analysis include the proven reduction of emissions in a biodiesel fuel when compared to petroleum-based diesel, and the viability of converting a large percentage of farmland to grow crops used for automobile and airplane fuel instead of human consumption. Biodiesel applications that do not relate to transportation or environmental concerns will remain outside the scope of this study.
The general purpose of biodiesel technology is to design automobile fuels do not break down into excessive amounts of greenhouse gases. The planet is currently facing a crisis in terms of the amount of CO2 currently in the atmosphere....

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