How can you implement the lessons that you learned regarding managing working capital, including managing receivables and inventories?
What ways can managing your working capital help your organisation to grow?
We can also discuss how an organisation can be more strategic in its management.
Why is shareholder value so important and how can NPV help to assess this?
How might the implementation of these items help your boat landing or restaurant thrive?

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Managing working capital

Managing working capital involves implementing a strategy focusing on monitoring and utilizing current assets and current liabilities to ensure financial efficiency. Prudent management of the two working capital components enables a business to maintain sufficient cash flow to fund its short-term liabilities. I can manage working capital by, for example, performing ratio analysis of key elements of short-term assets and short-term liabilities such as receivables and inventories. This will ensure that there are always sufficient finances to pay short-term creditors. Additionally, it will improve earnings and profitability while ensuring smooth financial operation (Baghiyan, 2013)....

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