Strategy is perquisite to success. This project emphasizes upon the application of strategy in business. It answers the important question: why it is important to individuals and organisations in achieving their goals. In this case the strategy will be in reference to businesses using e-business systems. We understand the e-Business Strategy plan as a detailed plan that is a unifying theme that gives coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of an organization operating in e-Business domain.
Strategy is both a science and art. To prepare an e-Business Strategic plan, it is imperative to understand the environment in which company operates. It needs to consider all categories/types of environment both internal as well as external as an basic input to creating right strategy and business model.
There are now a variety of tools and knowledge available that guides us how to create the e-Business plan. This course equips the students in the different theories, models and framework that help a student and practitioner of management to create the strategy plan for any e-Business organization.
This project expects demonstration of such skills by the student on applicability of different tools, techniques and models to arrive at a systematic e-Business strategy plan.
Read the below instructions that you will guide you to do this exercise.
1. Pick Your Company:
Pick a company to research. Make sure that it is large enough to have enough data to make it easy to research. It is desired that this company should have a reasonable use of Internet/e-commerce technologies in its operations. Submit the name of the company you choose to your professor for approval.
2. Research your selected company to determine the past, present, and likely future of the industry and the company's track record with that industry. Use the different models like SWOT, PEST, Porters model to understand the market environment.
3. Create the appropriate strategy framework keeping in view its Value Network. Detail out the specific activities that would be undertaken in context of its digital business framework.
4. Create the implementation plan. Identify the activities to be undertaken. List the possible risks and possible measures to address them.
5. Executive Summary:
Write the executive summary for your e-Business strategy plan. An executive summary provides a synopsis of the entire plan that highlights the most important points of the proposed Strategy Plan. It gives others (i.e., employees, financers, etc.) a concise picture of what you are going to do and how you are going achieve it. The executive summary of this e-Business plan will be the first section of the plan, but is the last section written.

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Introduction, Inc. ( established in 1996, is an e-business organization. The Company provides a scope of goods and services through its Websites. The Company's items, offered through shopper confronting Websites, incorporate stock and substance that the Company buys for resale from merchants and those offered by outsider venders. The organization offers its commodities and also outsider items over different classifications, through its Websites and via its flexible Websites and applications. It likewise produces and sells electronic appliances, such as Kindle tablets,, Fire TVs, Echo and Fire phones. The Company offers programs that empower merchants to offer their items and satisfy orders through the Company's Websites and the dealers' own particular Websites....

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