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Consider the research regarding six root causes of managerial incompetence and derailment described in Chapter 15, Figure 15.2 (omit “poor followership.” Tell us the story of a manager you have known personally or that you have knowledge about who you feel was or is incompetent. Analyze this incompetence in terms of the six factors discussed in the book.

(Feel free to disguise the name and facts as needed to avoid giving us overly sensitive information). Use this discussion to reflect on what makes leaders effective.

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Hughes et al (2015) have identified several causes of managerial derailment which includes lack of fit with the organizational culture, lack of self-awareness, technical knowhow, etc. It is interesting to see that the effectiveness of the leader can change depending on the type of situation. I would like to cite the case of my manager at my former company which was acquired by its major competitor....

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