Task: Please identify the tactics used in the case; you have two options
o   Insert your comments right after the relevant paragraph. Please use a different color or italics so I can easily see your analysis
o   Use the COMMENT option in WORD
In addition, please add your summary comments responding to these questions
1.      Summarize what you feel are the critical mistakes that Judy made
2.      Provide some Coaching for Judy; how might she be a more effective negotiator
3.      Give your assessment of Ed’s Negotiations

Getting the name of the tactic right doesn’t really matter as long as you identify the intent of the tactic. I gave an example from the case “They’ve been very popular with your “young professional” customers.” Sources might call this “normative pressure,” or “social pressure”, but what interests me more than the name is your identifying what the salesman is trying to do. Refer to paragraph numbers in your analysis.

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Critical mistakes by Judy
One of the biggest mistakes made by Judy has been her ignorance of the deals associated with new cars and her submissive attitude. She was too transparent in her dealings with the sales person which convinced the salesperson that she could be easily tricked. As an example, when she was asked about the type of car she was looking for (para 2), she clearly said that she was not sure of what she was looking for. This showed her weakness as negotiator as Ed was able to capitalize on her ignorance by offering concessions which may not actually have been concessions.
Moreover, Judy was feeling physical discomfort in the room, but she failed to express the same and was seated in the room (para 13). Physical discomfort affects the thinking ability of the individual and rationality and Judy should have ensured that she was comfortable. As a consumer, she generally possessed upper hand in the process of negotiation since she had the option of buying the car from someone else. However, she did not use this factor to her advantage and kept on agreeing to what Ed was saying....

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