Your book is dedicated to building high level leadership skills for optimizing results under changing situations. One of these skills is managing conflict. Conflict is always around us. Absence of conflict probably means that employees are disengaged and really don't care. There is a difference, however, between functional conflict which is issues oriented and dysfunctional conflict which is socio-emotional in nature. The latter type gets personal and people's feelings are involved, usually in a negative way. Give an example of a functional organizational conflict and a dysfunctional conflict and how a leader should go about managing it. Response should be 250-500 words in APA format.

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Human resources are the only resources that have the power to think, comprehend and analyze and due to differences in thoughts and ideas, conflicts arise. Conflicts are an integral part of the organization. However, the intent and aim behind the conflict should be important. Functional conflicts are healthy form of conflicts in which members disagree over a notion and seek to resolve those disagreements in a constructive manner through brain storming sessions and discussions (Homan & Greer, 2013)....

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