Nightmare Negotiation: Example of a Write-up

Please follow this model
• Background:
• My Goals and Objectives; what is the other side’s goals and objectives; what are the parties trying to satisfy
• My Strategy: what is your position, walkaway, target; what is the other person’s walkaway, target, etc.
• What is the nature of the conflict: the origins; what is the conflict about; what outside factors might affect the conflict (race, gender, organizational position, past history, different culture, age, etc.)
• What are the sources of the conflict: (often conflict centers on control, power, value conflicts, interests conflicts, scarce resources
• Beliefs and Assumptions each is making: What attitudes do the parties have about this conflict (win-win or win-lose)

Dialog (recreate part of the dialog below (as best you can remember) and try to put what you were really thinking in parentheses)…..feel free to disguise names
“Other Person: etc.
After each comment, state what was happening in terms of negotiation or conflict resolution; for example, what was the comment trying to accomplish; did it increase leverage in the negotiation; for example, was the comment trying to affect perception of your walkaway?

Conclusion and Analysis: Be sure to use the readings and apply them to your analysis; some of the issues below overlap; you don’t have to answer them twice
Also address….
• What style of conflict resolution was used (confrontation, collaboration, avoiding, etc.)
• Type of Conflict: is the conflict based on misperceptions, misunderstanding; is there a real conflict; is the real conflict the expressed conflict or is the conflict displaced (it really deals with other issues)
• Conflict can often affect our sense of identity; how did this conflict affect your identity; what was personally at stake? Your beliefs, your values, your sense of self worth, your sense of competence, your sense of autonomy, etc.
• What might be personally at stake for the other side? (their sense of self-worth, authority, autonomy, etc.)
• what were the real underlying issues in the conflict (three conversations);
• What were the triggers to the conflict; what really set you off and why….
• Were you effective:
• Would you handle this differently; what alternatives were open to you? Were you an effective negotiator? Why or why not? What are the beliefs the parties hold about conflict?
• what factors might affect their approach to conflict (past experience, personal characteristics, comfort with assertiveness and aggression, cultural norms, values, expectations…)

Also refer to the Debriefing/Journal format we have been using in class to critique this negotiation.

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Background – As a car enthusiast, I am always looking for buying new cars. I wanted to buy Audi Sport back model and trade in my old vehicle which was used for 2 years only and was in excellent condition.
My Goals and objectives – I wanted to get the maximum value for the trade-in so that my cash outflow is reduced.
Strategy – I highlighted the positives of my car so that the Audi dealer could offer a good price.
Assumption – Since the car was in excellent condition, I expected that they would pay me the market value after adjusting for their expenses.
Me: I am very impressed by the new Audi sport back and if you get me a good deal, I am ready to buy it today
I am trying to create urgency here and show that I can give them business if they agree to my terms.
Audi Brand Specialist (ABS): It would be our pleasure to serve you. How would you like to finance the purchase? Do you have any trade-in?...

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