You are to provide a “map” to a new reading that addresses each of the topics below. Select an article - not a book, blog, movie or vendor web site - from a reputable eZine or from the library that matches each topic, so a total of four articles. Your article must address the problem for the topic. The date of it does not matter. Length will be shaped by thoroughness. Look at my reading summaries (see attached) to see exactly how to do this and get an idea of how I approached this project and the varying degrees of length. Please do not use the articles provided in the reading summaries. Follow APA guidelines. Avoid outlines or lists.

• Major theme of the essay: This is the abstract.
• Arguments used to support this theme: This is called the denouement or a bringing together the strands of the essay.
• Ideas that support the problem under review: Essentially a summary or conclusion.
• Discussion of the problem and how this article supports that analysis: This is your analysis. It is the critical analysis. Here you lay out your assessment.

Discussion Questions:
1. Select an article and discuss the barriers to green and the opportunities to green this week that are within the CIO's sphere of influence.
2. Select an article to review that examines the balance between sustaining the interests of the corporation and sustaining the interests of our staff? Is our traditional staff (bound by the “contractual” arrangements) significant when weighed against the interests of the stockholders?
3. Select an article and discuss the role of the CIO as customer advocate, corporate technology liaison, and executive application manager. We begin every policy analysis by asking ourselves “What is the problem we want to solve?” In this case, the external and internal customers have diverse needs. What are they? How do we as executives reconcile them?
4. Select an article and discuss how you as the CIO can frame your own personal goals as a leader and how you can construct the type of effective leader others (executes and staff) will see in you. What does the future of the CIO look like? Is it worth it?

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CIO and green technology

This article discusses about whether it would be beneficial for the CIOs to adopt green Technologies given the tight budgets for the department. Even before going greener, the CIOs today face a tight budget and increasing demands into their financial resources. going greener will become more riskier for the CIOs as it could lead to unintentional consequences as the technology is evolving on a continuous basis.   For cost conscious Chief Information officers, it might be wise to allow the existing Technology to live it's full life cycle before adopting a new one that is more greener and sustainable. However it might make the organization to stay behind the competition in this competitive era of information Technologies. This article discusses whether the green certification is worth for the organizations and whether it is necessary for CIOs to adopt them on a continuous basis.


Green evolution is taking place at a rapid speed then it would have been in the Past decades. Both Technologies and sustainable energy Technologies are evolving continuously than it was in the previous century. this would cost a ransom for large Enterprises particularly when it comes to use energy efficient equipment and Hardware that would cost them millions of dollars to stay ahead of its competitors. However it could be a costly mistake if the decision of going green would go against the profit motive of stakeholders. in this case deciding between whether the CIOs should implement green Technologies as they evolve might put them in a dilemma between the Limited budget constraints and the staying ahead in the adoption of green Technologies.

The dilemma between the Limited budget constraints and the evolution of prospective customers buying sustainable products makes CMOs as a best friend of CIOs in many organizations. Additional revenue generated from the prospective customers who buy environmental friendly products could offset the cost involved in going green Technologies and this fact could be much more efficiently established by the CMOs in the organization....

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