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In a three-page essay (minimum 750 words), discuss a time when you acted as a leader in a crisis.
Your essay should contain the following information:
Include an introduction and a description of your crisis.
Apply and explain Jordan-Meier’s four fundamental stages of the crisis. What happened during the crisis?
What risks emerged during the crisis situation, and how did you handle the situation as the leader?
How did you handle the crisis with others on your team?
Identify the steps you took to remedy the situation?
Research sources to link your experiences to theories, and support your ideas. Include a minimum of two sources, at least one source from the CSU Online Library

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Introduction and description of the crisis
The region I hail from is known for its vigorous monsoons but mostly of tropical and seasonal in nature, however a recent experience of a hitherto unknown tropical storm which had cyclonic proportions battered the district and the community we lived in and was a once in a life time experience.
Hailing from a geography that is at home with the monsoon we are used to growing up with rains and the occasional strong winds associated with it. However about a year ago we had a large cyclone which battered our district and had many localities in an inundated condition....

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