Write a reflection note. Here are a few questions that might guide you.

1. Open by restating some of the key points, or points of special interest to you, in a succinct "executive summary."
2. What aspects of the argument are compelling to you? Why?
3. What aspects of the argument do you disagree with? Why?
4. How might corporate leaders or policy makers respond to this chapter?
5. If you explained the ideas in this chapter to friends or co-workers, what are (or might be) their reactions?
6. Overall, do you have any advice for the authors as they move forward in this line of work?

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Pediatric obesity

Pediatric obesity is enhanced by a variety of factors among them the work-life balance of working parents. The type of lifestyles that small children are exposed to predisposes them to develop early onset diabetes which is a situation that can be very limiting to young children. Socioeconomic factors also play a significant role in determining how the children relate and the type of nutrition they get in life. Children need playing facilities and depending on where they live owing to the sociocultural factors...

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