Review post-2000 literature on innovation, paying particular attention to responsible innovation.   Use your review to advise the senior management of an energy production firm on their strategic approach to innovation to improve and maintain their competitiveness.

"This exercise is designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate your comprehension of the implications of more recent developments in the strategic management literature for strategic management in organisations. You are expected to provide a systematic review of the literature on a given topic (choice of topics below) and then use that review to give advice to managers.

"Your advice should be based on the literature you have reviewed, focused and to the point. In terms of balance between review and advice in your essay you should devote about 2/3 of the word count to the review and 1/3 to the advice.

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Responsible innovation is a recent development in the strategic management concepts. According to EPSRC (2016), responsible innovation is applied to uphold and enhance creativity and breakthroughs for the scientific disciplines. EPSRC (2016) adds that these processes are socially appropriate and that they are executed in line with the public interest. EPSRC’s (2016) thoughts cocerning responsible innovation converges with those advanced in the research by Stilgoe, Owen, and Macnaghten (2013). As such, the latter supposed that responsible innovation translates to taking profound care of the future, through a continuous collaborative guidance of discipline and innovation. In addition, the application of responsible innovation entails the creation of spaces along with processes that are suitable to explore the various attributes of innovation in an all-encompassing, accessible, and timely manner. According to EPSRC (2016), responsible innovation is an issue of collective obligation, meaning researchers, funders, stakeholders, and the member of the public must work hand in hand to facilitate the process.

EPSRC (2016) documents that an effective, responsible innovation effort must be ongoing and ought to meet four critical demands, namely, anticipation, reflection, engagement, and action....

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