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W7 Assignment: Comprehensive Performance Evaluation

The typical objective of every human performance technologist, as well as every educator, professional development specialist, corporate trainer, human resources professional, middle-level manager, corporate executive, psychologist, coach, and self-help guru, is to create better human performance.

In a 3 page minimum paper following APA format using scholarly research to back up your thoughts, please answer the following questions:

• Describe the current evaluation models in HPT literature.

• Describe the theoretical variables for comprehensive performance evaluation.

• Describe the required elements of a simple logic model and key variables to make a generic logic model for comprehensive performance evaluation (CPE).

W7 Discussion

Knowledge Management (Must Be at least 300 Words)

Select and organization of your choice and examine the extent to which it has established any processes or procedures to ensure knowledge retention of departing employees.

If you do not know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice.

Support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or other internet research. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

Chapters 13 & 14 in Strategic Human Resource Management

Chapters 12, 26, & 27 in Handbook of Human Performance Technology

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Human Performance Technology


Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the study of methodologies that improve individuals’ performances at personal, process, organizational, and societal performer levels (Schechner, 2013).

The methodologies include training, knowledge management, performance support systems, human factors, instructional technology, motivation, organization development, six sigma, and lean management.
HPT uses interventions from different disciplines like instructional systems design, human resource management, organization development, behavioral psychology, and process improvement among others.

It analyses the requirements at individual, organizational, and societal level to identify the main cause of performance gaps, thus providing the needed interventions to improve a sustainable performance and peg the results on the requirements.

HPT Model
According to Austin (2013), HPT starts with comparing the levels of individual, organizational, and societal performance with the anticipated levels of performance to ascertain any performance gaps.

A comprehensive analysis is done...

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