The Progressive Case Study

The Green Organization has been very impressed with your work as a Performance Consultant. The CEO emeritus and current CEO both tell you they really appreciate your work this past year and the care you provided to their “family” business. They have made several warm referrals to their corporate friends that if worked well will expand your consulting firm exponentially. Excellent work.

It is time to complete your own evaluation of your firm’s performance. Part of being an excellent consultant is being able to identify what is working and what is not. Identify the areas that worked and those that will benefit from improvement. Address what will be done to make the necessary and desired changes to improve your firm’s performance.

Consider this:
Complete a 2 page summary of your consulting firm’s performance describing how you are assessing and evaluating. Please include the SWOT analysis of your organization.

Develop a 2 page plan as to performance improvement of the consulting form moving forward over the next 3, 6, and 12 months.

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For the last one year, the consultancy has worked with the Green Organization management in restructuring programs aimed at increasing cultural diversity, teamwork, and effective flow of communication within the organization. The opportunity to review the current policies of the organization and to relate closely with the organization’s logistics offered a platform for a comprehensive examination of the organization's structure and the confounding aspects. As such, this report on the organization’s SWOT analysis follows an objective examination of legislations, strategies, results, challenges and human resource factors of Green organization.

1. General Evaluation
Lately the consultancy has indicated growth in revenues and a reduction in overhead costs following the recent programs. Similarly, the organization has developed a more efficient flow of communication and increased group thinking....

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