Create a detailed leadership and management plan for the implementation of the global expansion for the company you researched before.

Develop and include an original model that describes the current situation of the global environment and offers elements of predictability for a changing global environment. This model can be adapted from other models, but it must be original. Use the model as a foundation to support your decisions in the leadership and management plan.

Note: As you are completing your "Global Expansion Leadership Plan", remember that this is not a generalization common to all companies; rather this is specific to your selected company and the country to which it is expanding. You "Global Expansion Leadership Plan" needs to be specific to your company and the country of expansion.

Format your plan and include references consistent with APA guidelines and length is to be 2100-2600 words. Graphs are highly encouraged.

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According to Adekola and Sergi (2016), expanding into new global markets usually cannot go smoothly without concerted leadership engagement. While this is the case, it requires an organization to create and implement a well-thought leadership and management plan if the leadership engagement is to be of value during the course of the expansion. At present, Forensicon usually specializes in computer forensic analysis as well as consulting within the areas of Trade Secrets Misappropriation, Internal Investigations, Hacker Investigations, and Employment Litigation. A comprehensive review of models adopted by key rival agencies on the global scale, it follows that the idea of reaching out to new global markets is a highly desirable one.

Grant (2016) explained that establishing a leadership and management plan for a business that is intending to expand into the global markets requires an organization to account for a set of interrelated elements and such include the global and local environments, the organization’s overall strategy, global teams, multinational cultures, technology and the ways of mitigating any potential challenges. Waters and Rinsler (2014) expressed that seeking to review the potential outcomes associated with the above components is of central importance. The scholar also indicated that it is fundamental to come up with comprehensive strategies for mitigating the likely adversities that may come to the fore as a result of the interactions between the various elements. An organization has to ensure that the mitigation strategies align particularly well with not only the employees’ values but also the organizations’ standards. In the light of this, it is critical to create a detailed leadership and management plan. This becomes of more importance considering that it will set an effective pathway through which successful and healthy expansion of Forensicon into the global markets will be ensured....

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