Read about Planning and Control and Designing and Implementing Controls of the book Performing your Jobs.

Read Case 2.A "Is This the Beginning of the End?"
    Based on the information presented in the case, identify five examples of poor planning on the part of this company. (20 marks)
    Explain the impact that poor planning has had on Peter and Deanna, and on the success of the company as a whole. (15 marks)
    What scheduling technique(s) could be used by this company, and in what area(s)? (10 marks)

Read Case 3.A "Practising What You Preach"
Planning and Control
    Using the information presented in the case and on page 48 of the textbook, identifies the preventive, concurrent and corrective controls at work for the audit team. (15 marks)
    Of the five control areas (costs, inventories, quality, safety and employee performance), which one is the main focus of control for Zahid Fazal? Explain why. (10 marks)

Read Case 4.B "How Can You Make the Decision?"
    Based on the information presented in the case, identify five areas in which you need to make decisions.
    Would you use group or individual decision making to make the decisions that you have identified? Explain why.

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Question 1
Workforce development planning: The information gathered in this context suggests the lack of high-performing employees who are loyal and satisfied. Deanna asserts that when she points out their working relationship with Peter. The company does not have an equal employment opportunity as some senior employees influence the president and can change anything at any time. In addition, the firm is seen to reward loyal employees by promoting them irrespective of their qualifications.
Product planning: This ensures that at all times, the quality of the product is high, and the customer is satisfied. Product planning is achieved when Finance, Marketing, and Operations departments work together. A customer realized that a product was not up to the standard due to communication problem in the company (Collier, 2010). It is notable that the error occurred due to the weak relationship between the departments.
Expansion plans: The owners of a company have to plan strategically on how and when to expand the business. In this context, the company is growing at the wrong time of the year. The expansions should be done when...

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