After having researched the cases of Cohen vs. California and Texas v. Johnson, please tell me whether:
1) You agree or disagree with the ruling of the court in each case. Why? Please share your thoughts on the issue before the court in Cohen and Johnson.You should be careful to argue your position and offer reasons in support of it.
2) In light of the ruling in the above cases - do you feel that the right to free speech is an absolute right? Why?
3) Do Businesses and Individuals share the same rights? Can the Government legally limit the speech of Business owners? If so, describe how?
4) After answering questions 2 and 3 above, now consider some recent current events - like those regarding the President, the NFL and it's players. Please share your thoughts regarding the legal issues involved and discuss the rights, privileges, and duties of the aforementioned three parties.

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1. To a certain extent, I agree with the courts’ decision and affirmation (Los Angeles Municipal Court and Court of Appeal) in convicting Paul Robert Cohen. I disagree completely that wearing the jacket with a political position by a concerned citizen, although expressed in mixed expletive, is criminal offense (thus, it falls under the protection of the First Amendment, in my opinion). However, I do agree with the Court of Appeal’s affirmation when it stated that Cohen’s actions could have provoked others to acts of...

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