Book: Leading Edge Marketing Research: 21st-Century tools and practices. SAGE. ISBN: 978-1-4129-9131-5
(Reading: Part I and Part III, Chapter 1)

Respond to at least one of the questions below:

- What is the broad problem you intend to research?
- How does the client think about it? (Client = the person you would be doing the research for).
- Based on your reading and browsing, will you be able to accurately clarify and state the problem you intend to study? (APA Format, 1 Page with references)

(APA Format, 2 pages with at least 3 references)
Develop General Plan for Performing Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Read Part I in your text.
Develop a report that covers how you will do qualitative research with a focus group with a minimum of five people and quantitative research through a survey of a minimum of 10 people. Research can cover a company that you work for or a hypothetical company of your own. You may use friends, relatives, and/or business associates for your focus group and survey, but you must use different people for each research project.
• Analyze the business landscape that requires research to plan and execute a communication campaign.
• Distinguish mission, vision, objectives, problems, and situation analysis.
• State the objectives of the focus group—i.e., what you want to learn — and of the survey
• Focus Group: Describe participants, setting, procedures, questions and prompts, means of recording answers.
• Focus Group: Describe the procedures you will use to avoid researcher or moderator bias.
• Focus Group: Describe the analytical methods you will use to identify recurring themes and unresolved ideas and opinions.
• Survey: Describe the online program that you will use to distribute the survey, for example, Survey Monkey.
• Survey: Describe participants, procedures, questionnaire development.
• Survey: Describe how you will analyze the results.
- Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing your plan.

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General Plan for Performing Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The following general plan will use the following guidelines.
Business landscape

ADE is the largest electronic consumer manufacturer and marketer in the world. The main business competitors are Samsung, Nokia, Google, Yahoo, Dell, IBM, YouTube, and Toshiba. An analysis of the industry shows that the respective technology is ever changing on a yearly basis. Also, there is increased competition in global markets in the industry. Therefore, qualitative and quantitative research will look into how globalization is affecting the company's operations, marketing strategies, and competitiveness.

Mission, vision, objectives, problems, and situational analysis
The mission of the company is “ADE produces the best personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets in the world.”
On the other hand, the company’s vision: “To provide consumer electronics that improve customer experience in the world of technology.”...

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