Book: MacDonald, M., & Wilson, H. (2011). Marketing plans: How to prepare them, how to use them. London: Wiley.

Describe a product or service the US Navy offers to a market. Which quadrant of the Ansoff Matrix applies? Identify one corporate objective and one marketing objective for the organization. Name a product or service that you like to buy. Which of the 4Ps are you following when you make the purchase? Why? (APA Format, 1 page)

Power Point
Marketing Audit and Overview
“10 slides in length NOT including title slide and references. On your PPT, you are focusing on the Marketing Audit relative of Apple Company”
- Develop Part 1 of the 10-Step Marketing Plan (which includes Steps 1-5 of 10-Step Marketing Plan)
- Develop Part 2 of the 10 Step Marketing Plan - which includes Steps 6 and the beginning of Step 7
- Develop Part 3 of the 10 Step Marketing Plan (Complete Step 7, and add Step 8 and 9: Strategies, Expected Results and Budget).
- Final Project completion

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The US Navy offers unmanned drone aircraft and systems to the government organizations and laboratories. According to Stair & Reynolds (2012), the US Nay offers government agencies with products and services that give them an added advantage on matters defense and artificial intelligence. Also, these class of products is offered to commercial entities and government contractors. However, the transfer of the respective technology-oriented products to commercial entities is to strengthen the United States industrial capacity. The US Navy main product, which is the unmanned drone aircraft, is used for combat while others can fit into industrial capabilities....

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