1. Editor Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post played a significant role in American society. Agree or disagree and why? Be specific. (APA Format, 1 Page with references)

Read Branzburg v. Hayes and provide the following information:
1. The primary 1st Amendment issue in the case.
2. Why is the case relevant today?
3. How the ruling impacts the media.
Complete a Final Paper based on a media law/ethics issue/topic. The paper will include: (APA Format, 7 pages with at least 3 references).

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For years, Ben Bradlee who was an editor at the Washington Post was the epitome of journalism ethics and truth-telling. The editor became the symbol of brave journalism and advocate of the First Amendment by helping the American society get access to critical information. The manner in which Bradlee reported the Watergate Scandal remains legendary. Although Bradlee and colleagues made some mistakes in reporting the story, it is the editor’s brevity that inspired journalists who fear regimes with a disdain for truth.
Bradlee knew too well that not criticizing the government surmounted to become second-class citizens where the constitution and especially the right to information and expression is violated. In fact, were it not for Bradlee and the Washington Post, President Nixon would have continued to lie to the American public...

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