Book: Leading Edge Marketing Research: 21st-Century tools and practices. SAGE. ISBN: 978-1-4129-9131-5

Respond to at least one of the questions below:
- How is it going?
- What difficulties are you experiencing?
- What suggestions can you offer others?
- Please discuss your focus group research.
- How are you recruiting panelists? (APA Format, 1 Page with references)

Conduct Focus Group
Read Part III in your text.
Conduct focus group according to the research plan outlined in Assignment 1.
• The situation analysis
• Objectives of the focus group (i.e., What you wanted to learn)
• Participants, setting, procedures, questions, prompts and means of recording answers.
• Procedures used to avoid researcher or moderator bias.
• Analytical methods used to identify recurring themes and unresolved ideas and opinions.
• Your conclusions, including any need for follow up research—additional focus groups and/or surveys.

- Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing your plan.

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The research is in its initial stages having identified the research problems. Other important issues like situational analysis and establishing of the research objectives are already done. Also, a focus group consisting of five people is already in place. The moderator has already briefed the focus group on the respective procedure. It is important to note that the focus group has the blessings of the marketing executives and this has increased the confidence in conducting the research.

Currently, the focus group members are not sure if the research will lead to any action. Consequently, this has been a challenge in determining whether decisions agreed upon will result in any return on investment. In such a situation, measuring the value of the study becomes difficult (Kaden, Linda, Prince, 2012). Sometimes, it is difficult in discerning the level of honesty among a group of people....

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