Develop a business plan that addresses the following elements:
1. Business Name
2. Description of the Business
3. Form of Business Ownership
4. Ideal Customer
5. Competitive Advantages
6. Ethical Issues
7. Social Responsibility
8. Global Issues
9. SWOT Analysis
10. Management Structure

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Hommes Fashion Trendz


Hommes Fashion Trendz is an upscale men’s clothing shop that will be located at The Marais, Paris, France. Hommes is French for men while Trendz is a corruption of the name trends.


The business will operate as a partnership between my family and I. My wife, who has previously worked in the fashion industry, will be responsible for dealing with customers when they visit the shop and meet their needs by responding to their questions, showing them our product offerings as well as receiving their payments on the goods and packaging their products. Her title will be a concierge. Since my brother has an Accounting degree, he will be responsible for maintaining the accounts while I will be in charge of the marketing function. ...

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