1. Read Strategy Maps, Health Policy Analysis, and The Politics of Health Care Reform. The first reading is 35 pages, but the margins are about 3 inches, you can do it. The second reading is an outline. The last reading is about 13 pages. Now that you know, plan accordingly.
2. Read them in the order above. When you get to the third reading, think about what the authors conclude about how to reform our health care system. Do you think this is the right STRATEGY for the US?
What will be expected:
Write up a two page summary covering the readings we discussed in class last week. Along with a one page summary discussing your perspective on the third reading.
1) if the authors of the third reading are on to something or not; AND
2) how can a business minded student thinking in terms of strategy work with policy advocates on issues like universal access.

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Strategy describes how an organization intends to create sustained value for its shareholders, thus it links intangible assets to value-creating processes. In comparison, a strategy map provides the visual framework for integrating the organization’s objectives in the four perspectives namely: financial, customer, internal process and learning and growth. The financial perspective describes the tangible outcomes of the strategy through traditional financial measures such as ROI, shareholder value, profitability and revenue growth among others. In contrast, the customer perspective defines the value proposition for targeted customers whereas the internal process perspective identifies the critical few processes that are expected to have the greatest impact on the strategy and the learning and growth perspective identifies the intangible assets that are most important to the strategy.
The strategy map provides an overview of how the objectives in the perspectives...

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