Write (title page, 5 pages of content, 1 page of references) reporting the results of your qualitative and quantitative research.
Use APA style


1. Introduction

2. Validity and Reliability of Focus Group Data

3. Validity and Reliability of Survey Data

4. Research Findings: Surprises, Lessons Learned, Future Research

5. How Did Your Research Change Your Original Concept and Objectives

6. Conclusion

7. Bibliography

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Results Report

Globalization has now become important to businesses that want to indulge in international trade. The globalization phenomenon is known for creating opportunities for both local and international companies. ADE is a consumer electronics manufacturer and marketer and is now looking into ways of exploiting opportunities provided for by globalization. To do this, the company needs to conduct a study on positive and negatives impact of globalization and technological changes. In the following research, the marketing executives at the company have commissioned a study based on qualitative and qualitative methodologies with specific interest in the use of Focus Group and Survey. In each of the research methodology, an explanation of key findings, reliability of and validity of respective data is provided. In this final research report, the study makes important observations and recommendations in the summary and conclusion sections.
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Results Report
Qualitative Research
The Focus Group discussions and opinions were recorded and the audio and video records transcribed for analysis using thematic analysis. The following are the key findings as researched by the Focus Group.
Reliability and validity for Focus Group Data
The Focus Group data were highly reliable and valid. An in-depth examination of the data revealed that globalization had a positive impact compared to the negatives. An external validity and test gave an impression that the Focus Group research results generalize to other conditions and industrial players affected by globalization and technological changes. For example, studies globalization impact and technical changes on companies like Apple and Samsung companies have similar results. The Focus Group enhanced validity through peer examination and participatory techniques were the members were asked to make comments and got involved in every phase of the research.
To make the Focus Group data reliable, the moderator ensured that the participants were thoroughly oriented to the objectives of the study and procedures. The moderator ensured that there was no or minimal bias by writing down the intended questions...

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