Based on the Case Study "Should a Computer Grade Your Essays?", write a summary of what are the benefits of automated essay grading? What are the drawbacks?

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The start-up of the required comparison can be found in the content of the Case Study. However, it must first be stated there is a significant difference between automatic grading of an essay and a similar process performed on technical questions or Math-like problems. The first advantage in case of computer-based grading is represented by the achieved speed-up. This outcome can offer to the students more time allocated to revisions of the work before the final submission. On the other hand, in order to remain helpful, the relevance of the result provided by automatic grading must be high enough. Otherwise, there are odds for the whole process to become useless.
From another perspective, integration of AI features into the core engine of the grading program is not straightforward. More than this, it is not possible at the moment for automatic tools to distinguish between real facts and fictitious details....

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