Module Project: Frugal Innovation Business Plan Draft
For your third Module Project submission, you are encouraged to submit a partial draft of your Frugal Innovation Business Plan and an updated bibliography.

As you are developing your draft, consider the different topics explored so far in the course. Revisit the idea of a business environment from Week 2. How will the business environment of your emerging market affect the target consumer base for your frugal innovation? How will you build competitive advantage within your consumer base? What collaborative partnerships might you pursue? What ethical considerations might affect your frugal innovation and reactions to it?

You do not need to include a cover sheet (but do include your name at the top), Table of Contents or Executive Summary in the Week 5 Assignment. You may also include an updated bibliography at the end of your draft, along with in-text citations identifying all sources used to prepare your Assignment. Your bibliography should list the 8–10 quality sources that you submitted in Week 3 and any new sources.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Business description
The business will go by the name “Simple, Innovative Home Lighting Solutions.” The firm is a startup. As such, its operations in the Egyptian market will be the first. The business is a frugal innovation enterprise that seeks to introduce affordable solar bottle bulbs to the Egyptian Bottom of Pyramid population. The chief need that the business seeks to satisfy is lighting the darkest interiors of the BoP households in Egypt, mainly focusing on those located in highly congested urban neighborhoods. The short-term goal that Simple, Innovative Home Lighting Solutions is seeking to accomplish is to solve the lighting challenges of urban BoP households in Egypt through affordable and innovative solar bottle bulbs. The long-term goal that the business will be seeking to accomplish is to serve all BoP households in entire Egypt whether in urban or rural areas within the next10 years. The firm will assemble the products at the lowest cost possible and then sell it at an affordable cost, but which is enough to ensure reasonable profitability. The organization will take the form of a limited liability corporation. The essence of selecting this business form is to ensure that the business is safeguarded from manipulation by the relevant stakeholders.
Products and services
As identified, the product that the Simple, Innovative Home Lighting Solutions will pursue is solar bottle bulb. At the heart of this frugal innovation is a 1-liter plastic soda bottle filled with a mixture of water and natural bleach agent constituted of cucumber and Aloe Vera juice. The water bottle will be derived from the litter. The bottle will then be fitted tightly into a hole drilled at the center of a metal sheet measuring 40 centimeters each side. A hole measuring 30 centimeters each side will be drilled on the roof of the BoP household and the metal sheet...

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