Module Project: Sources of innovation
How might innovation of services improve your organization's bottom-line?

Sources of innovation
The focus of this Module Project is the creation of an innovation strategy based on your critical analysis of how to foster an innovative culture within an organization with which you are familiar.
In this week, you will consider how you might apply the concepts of sources of innovation and service innovation to the organization you selected.

Submit an analysis of your company in approximately 1000 words to explore the following questions:
• What sources of innovation can the organization use in order to achieve its objective of sustaining a pipeline of innovative products and services? You should consider the roles of lead-user and open innovation, indicating whether or not these are relevant.
• To what extent is this organization faced with disruptive innovation?
• Is service innovation something that can be developed by this organization?

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The way innovation of services improve an organisation's bottom-line
The sources of innovation that Zain Saudi Arabia might use to accomplish its objective of sustaining a pipeline of innovative products and services
Zain Saudi Arabia could use several sources of innovation to ensure that the firm is adequate in sustaining a pipeline of innovative telecommunication products and services. The organisation should concentrate on the sources that promote both open and lead innovations. Before proceeding to the explanation of these sources, it is of central importance to provide a rationale for this preference. As defined by Almirall and Casadesus-Masanell (2010), open innovation is likely to allow an organisation with the opportunity to discover the combination of product and service features that will be difficult to envision under integration. While this is the case, this type...

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