Please select a company or organization facing an ethical dilemma.

Write a formal paper 5 to 8 pages long that is an analysis of a company facing an ethical dilemma. Using concepts learned up to now, write your paper from a management perspective in organizational behavior. The paper should be formatted using APA style.
Make sure you address the statements and questions below:
1. Identify and discuss the main problems or concerns mentioned in this organization
2. How did these problems develop and who was responsible?
3. How could the problems have been avoided?
4. Identify organizational behavior concepts that were or could be applied in the organization.
5. What organizational behavior problems occurred and what actions were or should have been taken to solve them?
6. Identify organizational behavior concepts that were or could be applied.

Articles for Case Assignment
Wells-Fargo scandal: Levine, M. (2016). Wells Fargo Opened a Couple Million FakeAccounts.

Toshiba Corporation, KK
Soble, J. (2015). Scandal Upends Toshiba’s Lauded Reputation. New York Times.

Volkswagen Group
Anonymous. (2015). How Volkswagen Got Away With Diesel Deception. New York Times.

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The case study selected is the Wells Fargo Scandal. The broad problem that the scenario brings to the limelight is business ethics. While this is the case, there is a series of problematic organizational behavior concepts that lead to such problems as conspiracy and vengeance. The present paper will attempt to discuss these concepts in detail while providing a conclusive account of how the theories served as mediators to the ethical issues and how the situation would have been remedied.

The main problems or concerns mentioned in this organization
Several problems are facing Wells Fargo as demonstrated in the case study. Of more importance is a culture of conspiracy. It appears that the workers have conspired with some members of the top management team to attain their ends at the expense of the customers. In line with Levine’s (2016) thoughts, it is not reasonable to say that the employees opened all those false accounts without the knowledge of some executives. It must be understood that in any banking system, the employees are not the sole personnel that facilitates or monitors the transactions. Instead, several people in different management levels tend to scrutinize them to determine that everything is right....

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