Topic: Diversity and Multicultural Management in the Global World
The paper should focus on analysis, namely application of theories, concepts, and/or frameworks from the course. The paper can be a review paper, a thesis based paper, or a case paper. Applications to actual companies are encouraged. The format should follow the traditional structure:
Introduction (road map: what the paper plans to do),
Main Body (subsections developing all the points listed in the introduction, definitions, and discussion),
Conclusions (brief summary), and Bibliography (APA style). The paper should utilize
titles and subtitles to further ensure a logical flow.
The paper must be APA formatted with a minimum of eight references. The paper is expected to be 8 to 10 pages long (not including the title page, table of contents, references, and any appendices).

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In today’s modern world, diversity has come become important, especially for organizations considering internationalizing their operations. Diversity encompasses the evaluation of disparities in a positive, safe, and fostering environment. The concept of diversity arises from different groups and individuals with a varied spectrum of philosophical and demographic differences. Embracing diversity is important because when one person values another person or group of people without prejudice, the result is an environment of mutual respect and equality. This paper will discuss the benefits and challenges of diversity, its importance, and multicultural management.
Definition of Diversity and Multicultural management
Rasmus (2012) explains that diversity entails having different employees from different cultural backgrounds in an organization or group. The concept of diversity demands both respect and acceptance. Respect and acceptance can be along the dimensions of ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical abilities, political beliefs, amongst other ideologies. It is important to note that diversity is more than just tolerating or acknowledging differences between people and groups of people. Diversity includes practices that appreciate and understand interdependency of cultures as well as language differences. Practicing mutual respect for experiences and qualities that are different from our own is also an essential aspect of diversity. Also, Rasmus (2012) recommends managers to embrace the definition of diversity that goes beyond sexual orientation, race, age, or religious affiliation to include other attributes such as disabilities, immigrants, and reasoning bias. These attributes not only enhance diversity, but also reduce discrimination in the workplace by ensuring minorities are well represented. Such individuals continuously pursue ideas that create and sustain advantages for other people. Diversity also involves building alliances with other people across cultural differences to work together in unity to eliminate barriers to multicultural diversity and eliminate all forms of discrimination.
Advantages, Disadvantages of Diversity in the Workplace
There are several benefits associated with embracing diversity within the workplace. To begin with, embracing diversity helps the organization to maintain a pool of talented workers. Organizations that are diverse are the most preferred by new candidates. This helps organizations to recruit employees from different pools of talent. A diverse workforce is also beneficial for the employer since it enhances the brand of the company in the marketplace. Further, having a diverse workforce helps the organization to improve its chances of success in case it launches operations internationally.
Diversity can increase the creative potential of employees, especially those working in teams. This...

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