• Read the case about McKesson Corporation - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review
The presentation should cover the following points:
1. Introduction
2. Key Issues (Symptoms/Problems)
3. Alternatives (A set of strategic alternatives that have a potential to solve the problem)
4. Evaluation of Alternatives (How well does the alternative address the issue stated? / List the pros and cons of each alternative)
5. Recommendation
6. Implementation Plan (Steps to follow constrained by budget and timeline/Short term and long term plan/Always look for appendices)
7. Risk and Mitigation (List all the challenges that would prevent the company from successfully implementing the proposed solution/List risk mitigation strategies for every challenge).

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After having been in the healthcare industry for over the past 110 years, McKesson has been in the forefront of their industry and have now started facing many challenging issues. The company with a rich and very long experience in this industry is one of the largest and oldest hands in the industry and has had the privilege of witnessing several generations in this business. As an experienced player the company has had the good fortune of making it big not just in the US / Canada but also in other large nations where healthcare sector expenditure is governed by the public sector. The whole of the business that is done by the company is fully dependent on such public sector based healthcare systems where the tax payer’s money is used to provide for quality healthcare in many leading nations in the world unlike in the vast majority of the other nations. In this short essay we shall attempt to study three issues / challenges that are faced by the company in the present day.
Key Issues / Challenges
1. The healthcare budgets from the various governments including the US/Canada are being reduced considerably and various alternatives are being sought after by many governments on finding how more of public private participation can be roped in. Canada has seen considerable amount of cutting back in terms of services and access to healthcare due to rise in costs and making it untenable for the governments to provide for such costs in their budgets(S&P, 2017).
2. The cost of drugs which is under the control of the government has been one of the major targets of the government in order to reduce cost of healthcare and this has seen a major impact on the healthcare industry as such. With government tightening their purse strings towards reduction of expenditure this has directly created an impact on the various stakeholders in the industry, including McKesson(Asianhhm, 2016).
One among the many key issues that is faced by the healthcare industry as such is the reduction in the availability of acute care facilities that has created a major stress in the healthcare sector. This challenge needs to be converted into an opportunity and can be become a new business model for the company. The key factors in this context to be considered is the fact that the waiting time spent by patients in getting treatment for acute...

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