Using the following sources, what would be an effective case study analysis for Engineering Management?
What is the problem statement?
What is the background of the problem?
What is your action plan to solve the problem?
Herzberg, Frederick (1987). One more time, how do you motivate employees?
Kelly, Robert (1988). In Praise of Followers.
nKotter, John (1977). Power, dependence, and effective management.
McCaskey, Michael (1979). Framework for Analyzing Work Groups.
Tannenbaum, Robert (1973). How to Choose a Leadership Pattern.
Ware, James (1978). Problem solving and conflict resolution in work groups.

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Problem Statement
A recently restructured publishing company that has undergone a major change in leadership is looking for a new manager to oversee the operations of the editing department who are resistant to change in routine. This could lead to the closure of the department. A new manager is needed to inspire and motivate the department, resolve some systemic conflict issues, develop a position of informal power, and to delegate new responsibilities within the department.

Background of Organization and Problem
       Classic is an educational textbook company that provides educational resources for national distribution with a subscription base of 1,400 schools, churches, and homeschooling groups across the country. After the recent departure of a manager in the editing department, and the replacement of the company‚Äôs founder with a new C.E.O, Classic has been restructured as a for-profit venture....

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