1.Describe the product layout and why it is used in manufacturing. What are the pros and cons of this layout?

2.Describe a Fixed-position Layout, where this layout is used, and describe the advantages and disadvantages.

3.Critique the differences between Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement.

4.Describe supply chain management and its relationship to manufacturing and logistics.
Why must reverse logistics be considered? Support your position with examples

750 words minimum
APA style referencing
At least 3 references

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On Manufacturing Layout, Job Enrichment Versus Job Enlargement,
and Supply Chain Management


Manufacturing Layout 3
Product Layout. 3
Fixed Position Layout. 4
Human Resources Management 4
Job Enrichment and Enlargement. 5
Major Differences. 5
Supply Chain Management 6
Reverse Logistics. 6
Reference List 7

Select Manufacturing Topics
Productivity in business cannot be overemphasized. Improving productivity entails a multi-pronged approach, which includes considering manufacturing layout, job design techniques, and supply chain management, among others. This report explores these aspects of productivity starting with manufacturing layout.
Manufacturing Layout
Design of manufacturing layout pertains to organization of equipment, machinery, and other resources that aims to achieve: overall integration and effective use of resources, cost minimization with respect to materials handling, efficient process supervision and control, and minimization, if not elimination, of wastage leading to increased productivity, among other objectives (Industrial design). Product and fixed position layouts are among the basic types.
Product Layout.
This type of manufacturing layout is also known as the assembly line, since pieces of machinery, equipment, and...

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