Business Orientation
Project assignment: Career Ladder: Mapping and Planning Your Career
You must be familiar with the following topics and include them in the body of the assignment.
Career clusters:
Career pathway:
Career ladder:
Career Lattice:
Transferable skills:

Guidelines for Career Ladder Assignment
Write a three to five-page paper on your career of choice. You are required to cite a minimum of four sources in the paper using the APA format and at least three academic journals.
Acceptable sources:
Business week, Forbes, NY Times, Washington Post, The Economists, Harvard Business Review, academic journals, Wall Street Journal, etc. Visit the campus librarian for other valuable resources.
The paper should include the following:
Page One:
A. Executive Summary (one paragraph)
The executive summary creates an overall image of the long report to provide the reader with an understanding of the whole report. It should include an introduction to the career researched, the career cluster, your individual career ladder and the educational training and professional certifications required to get to the top of your ladder.
Page Two-Three: (use charts and graphs if needed-but they should not monopolize the page)
• Research and discuss your career cluster
• Identify and discuss each rung on your career ladder and or Lattice
• Research and discuss the required education training and professional certifications or memberships to reach the top of your ladder
• Research average salaries in the field
Answer these questions:
1. What careers can I pursue with a (n) _________ degree?
2. What are some of the salaries for popular careers in _______?
3. What does my ideal career entail?
6. Explain three benefits and responsibilities of membership in a student business or professional organization that will develop transferrable skills to help pursue my career goals?
Page three-four: Conclusion and summary of how you will get to the top of your ladder including a timeline.
Reference Page must be in APA Format

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Executive Summary:
Many of the IT programmers have the career aspirations of reaching the top in the career ladder or the career lattice. I would like to start as a computer programmer and move up the ladder to move through the careers of network analyst and IT consultant, I would want to reach the top of becoming an IT manager. For this to happen, I would require various certifications in networking and programming languages and also would have to do an masters’ degree and an Ph.D. if required in Information Technology. Doing a Ph.D. would provide exposure to the IT projects which will take me up the ladder towards becoming an IT manager or the chief information officer in an IT organization.
Various clusters in Information Technology:
The IT field has many job professions that are emerging with the big data revolution and the cloud computing technologies. In fact 12 of the LinkedIn’s promising jobs are in the information technology sector(Columbus, 2017). Information technology is a continuously...

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