1. What is scheduling and why is sequencing very important in developing schedules? What is available to assist you in developing Gantt, Milestone and Network schedule?
2. Explain what a network schedule critical path is and why must an operational manager monitor the critical path during schedule performance?
3. Describe Six Sigma and the Six Sigma DMAIC Process.
4. Describe the four costs of quality. Explain what each cost is and the two that every operations manager must omit from daily operations. Defend your response with examples.

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Question 1.

Scheduling is the process of assigning the specific timeline to particular activities, people or equipment. In this case, schedules tell when each activity is to be started and completed, what has been completed, and the sequence in which activities should be finished. On its part, sequencing is the order in which activities or tasks are processed (Uher, 2014). The two terms, scheduling and sequencing, are used together on project management issues. For instance, for a project manager to know how to make a schedule for a certain product, then the sequence of event that take place to ensure that the product is developed and delivered will have to be determined and understood (Uher, 2014).

When using Gantt schedule, there is a two-resource sequencing problem that is readily available for use....

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